November 27, 2018

I finally have our website up and running! It has been both challenging and fun. I am working on adding more products, we weave rugs in many sizes, fabrics, and colors, so much to do!

 I want to share both our weaving and farm here. They are both a big part of our lives.

Our grown children and grandkids are a blessing and a joy! Winter is a time that we are home, not traveling to Art shows. So we get more family time. Our daughter Sarah Anne is a big help working the shop on Thursday nights, trimming rugs, and bringing us up to date on family. 

We have a small farm in Northern WI where we weave our rugs in our cozy shop. It’s connected to our home, making it convenient for many reasons. One being when our family is over the Grandkids can join in projects or just hangout.

We also raise Registered Dexter Cattle, right now we have 4 cows, that will have their calves starting in March. That is an exciting time. We also have 1 heifer calf that is 7 months old, and a bull. Dexters are a smaller breed of cattle and very friendly.

This is my first blog post, hopefully you will enjoy my posts as much as I do writing them. Stay warm on this cold November night .

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