Thank You to our Customers!

The month of May has been a great start to our website. We are so thankful, to both our returning customers, and new customers, for your support. You give me inspiration to continue weaving during this strange coved-19 times. With our Art Shows canceling our summer season will certainly be different, that is why we started our website. It’s our new booth that is available 24-7, in the new normal, online shopping has become a lot more popular. I have been busy working on my website, designing, uploading weaving, linking to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, it has been a interesting and challenging. It is a work in progress and I will be adding weaving, blogs, and updates, keeping it fresh and new. 
We really do appreciate your support it makes me so happy to receive a order. All of our products are handmade and knowing that you are using them in your homes really is rewarding. 
Thank you, and stay safe. Cathy and Mark

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