Spring has arrived at least according to the calendar 🤔 We now have two heifer calves born and we are waiting for Treasure to have her calf, last year she had her calf on April 1, I don’t expect to see her deliver before that. In our weaving shop we are busy weaving rugs, especially the 2x3’ size they have been popular on the website. We’re still not sure about summer shows and we might do 3 or 4 this year normally we did about 15 shows. So we play it by ear and se how it goes. In the meantime we have plenty to do on the farm.

Photos of our handwoven rugs displayed in homs.

 Sarah Anne McDowell’s home my new Grey Series Rug!
Thank you to Sarah Anne McDowell, Katie Matusiewicz, Lori Linsmeyer, Ann Denamur, Theresa Popovich, and Kay Norris for sending me photos of their beautiful homes. 
It’s so rewarding to know that our weaving is being used, cared for and loved, this is what inspires to keep on weaving.
Beautiful Rainbow Table Runner and Cream Looper Table Runner Lori’s home.
Black/Grey Series and Earth Tone Rug Theresa’s home. 
Brown/Grey Series Katie’s home.
 Teal Series Rug and Red Series Table Runner Sarah’s home.
 Black-Grey Series Rug, Grey Fleece Rugs,  Area Brown Earth Tone Rug and Brown Series Table Runner Lori’s home.
 Red Fleece Rug Sarah’s home.
  A Teal Series Table Runner Kay’s home.
  Beautiful Brown Series Rugs Ann’s home