Winter is upon us and it’s a nice time to work in the shop on new ideas for 2023. Looking forward to summer and deciding what shows we should do, so in the meantime we are keeping the wood heater going and dreaming of warmer days.

Sale Handwoven Rug Black Teal Red Variegated  29”W x 59”L

Sale Handwoven Rug Black Teal Red Variegated 29”W x 59”L

Cathy’s Homestead Weaving
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Handwoven Black, Beige, Red, Variegated Rug 29”x 69” A nice rug size in front of  your kitchen sink, double sinks in your bathroom, along side a bed. It’s a nice versatile rug. Add color, texture, and warmth to your home with this pretty rug.
Very soft to touch yet durable our rugs are made to last many years and are washable and can be dried in your dryer with a short cycle. A nice size rug for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, a very versatile size.
All of our rugs are wove with 12 strings per inch throughout the rug with a poly cotton warp thread and finished with a sturdy hemmed edge. The fabrics we use are durable and washable, upholstery mill ends, wool, repurposed blue jeans, cotton pants, corduroy, sock top loopers, and cotton fabrics. All of our rugs are reversible