We are busy in the weaving shop getting ready for our summer shows. I have been weaving rugs, table runners, tank toppers, and mug rugs with our beautiful new fabric the colors are awesome! It will be fun setting up our booth and seeing all of our friends again. We are offering free shipping with a $50 purchase.

Handwoven White Rug

Handwoven Rug White Rug 21”W x 37”L

Cathy’s Homestead Weaving
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Woven White Rug 21”W x 37”L a nice size for bath mats. A beautiful, soft, elegant, rug that will look stunning in any room in your home. A very unique woven piece. Cold water gentle wash and line dry. I don’t usually have white rugs so if you see one grab it!!

All of our rugs are wove with 12 strings per inch throughout the rug with a poly cotton warp thread and finished with a sturdy hemmed edge. The fabrics we use are durable and washable, upholstery mill ends, wool, repurposed blue jeans, cotton pants, corduroy, sock top loopers, and cotton fabrics. All of our rugs are reversible