We have extended free shipping when you spend $50 through 10/10/22 Heading into fall and cooler temperatures it’s time for a comfy rug for your house or a beautiful table runner. We are busy working in the shop weaving fall and earth tone colors as they have been so popular I can’t keep them in stock. We will be adding more weaving to our website. Enjoy fall it’s my favorite season I love the beautiful colors and cooler weather!

Handwoven Area Rug Rainbow Series 60”W x  6’2”L (74”)

Handwoven Area Rug Rainbow Series 60”W x 6’2”L (74”)

Cathy’s Homestead Weaving
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Handwoven Rainbow Area Rug Size: 60”W x 74”L A beautiful blending of upholstery fabrics, a rainbow of colors, blues, teals, orange, purple, cream, green, red create a beautiful rug that will look stunning in your home. A unique rug that will be the centerpiece of your room! A very nice  rug in the living room, kitchen or dining room under your table, hall way, bedroom or foyer. Pretty in many areas.

All of our rugs are wove with 12 strings per inch throughout the rug with a poly cotton warp thread and finished with a sturdy hemmed edge. The fabrics we use are durable and washable, upholstery mill ends, wool, repurposed blue jeans, cotton pants, corduroy, sock top loopers, and cotton fabrics. All of our rugs are reversible.