Cathy and Mark in our Booth Cathy’s Homestead Weaving
Cathy and Mark at a show
Repurposed Blue Jeans
Welcome to Cathy’s Homestead Weaving

Rainbow Rugs!

Think Spring!

Pretty! Soft! Durable!

Handwoven Rainbow Rugs

Add color and texture to your home with our popular Rainbow Rugs! Checkout our Rainbow Rug Collection.

Welcome to our small farm and meet our Dexter Cattle

Timber View Cash our bull, our cows, Morey’s Piper, Morey’s Lilly’s Treasure, Morey’s Madelyn Jewel, Morey’s Pearl, and Morey’s Emerald. They are Registered with the ADCA, American Dexter Cattle Association and the PDCA, Purebred Dexter Cattle Association.